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2013 MINISTRY PROJECT:  March 11, 2013
2013 Cowgirl Get Together Mission offering....
Total offering.... $16,505.00
This money was given to the following mission efforts:

Uganda 2013
$8000 to Parental Care Ministries for water purification system and water collection recepticle at Sanga School. An additional water purification system to the school at Katyazo.

$1505 to Bird Saddles to finish paying for Cassidy's saddle...which he received today!!!

$1000 to American Fellowship of Cowboy Churches to help provide for Youth and Preteen summer camps

After all of this, $6000 still remained to be used in missions.

Many of you know about the tragedy that occurred at Sanga last week when a brother and sister died of typhoid fever.  Thanks to you all, the children were already receiving clean drinking water at school but that was it.  Efforts had been made earlier to dig a water well at the village of Sanga but those efforts were unsuccessful.  The people were drinking from a muddy river alongside the livestock. That is where the typhoid was contacted.
When this tragedy occurred, PCM went into overdrive to reach a solution there quickly!  An engineer arrived there within a couple of days and found water on a piece of land just below the hill where the school is located.  The land would cost $1000 and the cost to drill the water well is $10,000.  I made the decision to apply this additional $6000 to that effort that will not only save children's lives, but lives of the people in the village.  For more information on this endeavor, go to .  The website will keep you updated on the school at Sanga as well as the other schools in Uganda.

God loves a cheerful giver.....and you all will be blessed because of your efforts!!  I am so humbled to be able to be a part of this ministry as it grows and even reaches out to the other side of the world!
I love you all.....looking forward to next year!!

Michelle Carson

2012 MINISTRY PROJECT:  The 2011 & 2010 ministry project was an overwhelming success. 
Cowgirl Get Together supplied 17 wedding dresses that were taken to Sudan in 2011.  Because of those dresses, the Gospel of Jesus was shared with many women there. 

Kyleighs Saddle Recepients are pictured below!

2012 Recepients
I am so excited about our ministry project for 2012.  It is called Kyleigh’s Saddles.  Money that is raised and placed in the Kyleigh’s Saddles Fund will go to purchase therapy saddles for children.  These saddles are made by Linda and Randy Bird.  ( .  The cost of one saddle is approximately $2500.  Our goal this Saddleyear is to raise enough money to purchase one saddle for seven year old Kyleigh Fernandez for which this fund is named.  Kyleigh will be at the Get Together this year for you to meet personally and you can see her picture on the flyer also.  I am hopeful that this will be an ongoing ministry project for our organization for many years to come.  We will try to purchase as many therapy saddles for children as possible.  In addition to the therapy saddles a portion of the money will also be used to help with the cost of equine therapy for children.

The doctors had given up on Kyleigh and suggested she be institutionalized.  But because she has a devoted and determined mother, father and brothers, and a church family who prays for her, Kyleigh’s progress has been amazing.  A huge turning point for her was during the time she was able to participate in equine therapy.  Kyleigh has been raised on a ranch with her family and has 3 brothers who ride.   Needless to say, Kyleigh loves to ride also and has an extraordinary love for horses.  Her new saddle will enable her to ride on a daily basis at home and continue her progress!   All of you have heard the incredible stories of children who have responded to equine therapy. 

It is my desire that this ministry outreach be a priority for our organization.  I am asking each group of ladies from all the different churches to do one fund raiser between now and January.  The money each of you raises for Kyleigh’s Saddles can be presented on the stage at the Get Together.  Please pray about this project and pray for the families that will benefit from this.  If you know of a special needs child that will benefit from this ministry project, please contact me for an application.  We want to help as many children as possible. 

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